Elizabeth Seymour (Liz)

Like a modern-day Goldilocks, Liz is happiest when things are “just right” – especially the weather. This California native prefers a sunny, breezy days peaking at 72 degrees, meaning the windows are open and conditions favorable for a great run on the Silver Comet Trail. After seven years in Atlanta, and several in Chicago prior to that, she’s learning to appreciate every kind of day and finds joy in simple things, like the quiet hum of the dryer while her youngest child naps. With three kids, every day is a little bit different and she’s never quite sure what to expect, aside from the assurance that she’ll put miles on the van during the seemingly endless carpool loop each week. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Notre Dame (go Irish!), this editor and writer turned stay-in-the-car mom looks forward to musing about family and wellness – and perhaps discovering if planting a money tree would offset her latte addiction.