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OTM: What prompted you to start your business, My Rent Source?
MRS:  I established  My Rent Source in 2004 and incorporated in 2006.  I was a new investor and excited about buying and leasing properties as an additional income source. After acquiring my 7th property, I quickly realized that it requires a lot of work to manage these properties and it takes up a tremendous amount of time to do it the right way. I started managing a few properties for other investors and they were happy to pay a management fee to know that their property was in good hands. At that point I knew I could go to market with a management service to the public.
OTM:  Can you explain the Mission Statement at  My Rent Source?
MRS: Our objective at My Rent Source is to work as a team to ensure that properties are well maintained and profitable for our clients. We are a new school technology based real estate firm with old school customer service values. Our success is largely due to our willingness to embrace technology and our dedication to customer service. We rely on smart phones, digital faxing, digital signing, online management software, cloud storage and paperless systems to process transactions quickly for our clients and keep our operating costs low.
OTM: Can you explain the operations of My Rent Source?
MRS: At My Rent Source we are a one-stop real estate management firm. We handle everything from purchasing, selling, leasing, tenant screening, evictions when necessary, to general maintenance and full renovations. We have an amazing team of skilled employees that go above and beyond each day to make sure our properties are managed efficiently and with top – notch customer service.
OTM: What do you think sets  My Rent Source apart from other property management companies in the Metro Atlanta area?
MRS: Our customer service, technology, tenant screening and
personable approach to our owners separates us from all others. We treat others the way we want to be treated. Our tenants and owners always get the best service and we always look out for their best interests. We guarantee our tenants for 90 days, and we have a less than 3% delinquency rate due to our extensive screening processes. Our near paperless systems and online portals for tenants and owners allow quick access to any information, anywhere, anytime.
OTM: You’ve got a great web site that seems very user friendly.   What are the benefits that renters and owners experience with this technology?
MRS: Having an easy to read and navigate website is key.
Tenants and owners can log into our website at any time to view their account, upload/download documents or submit a maintenance request. Tenants even have the ability to upload photos of a maintenance situation so we can quickly diagnose the issue and send the appropriate vendor to repair. Owners can quickly see how their property is performing or even click on repair photos to validate a repair or check the quality of the repair. Tenant prospects can view all vacant inventory from our site and can submit their application.
OTM: Why do you think that customer and personal service is so important in today’s business world?
MRS:  In my opinion, customer service has greatly diminished in our country, and  My Rent Source actually counteracts that by
giving over the top customer service and face-to-face meetings when needed resulting in the establishment of strong business
relationships. We answer our phones and we meet clients at their properties. It’s very important for our clients to earn our trust. Our clients want to know that we have their best interests at heart and the My Rent Source staff doesn’t mind going the extra mile to prove it.
OTM: Do you also assist clients if they are considering getting in the investment/rental property business?
MRS:  Yes, we are a one-stop real estate firm. We are able to provide free consultations for investors looking to get into the market. We also provide free property evaluations for our investors before or after they go under contract in order to ensure the property is a quality investment. We want our owners to be successful.

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